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IT Support Staffing

Application Support

ObjectWin Consulting offers remote and on-site network support services that are pre-scheduled and proactive in order to support a maintained, growth-friendly IT environment.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Lower IT staff costs: IT staff costs are often perceived as excessive can be difficult to correlate to justify to upper management. Managed Services provides business decision makers with proactive maintenance and strategic IT investments that can provide a very high return on your initial IT spending.

Improved overall IT management: The system standardization that is part of comprehensive managed services enables small and medium-sized organizations to make the most of their IT budgets. By relying on strong system standards, your company can better identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve user efficiency, and eliminate the additional costs associated with maintaining diverse systems.

Increased IT cost predictability: IT management can be an increasing part of an organization’s costs. Comprehensive managed services can enable small and medium-sized organizations to predict and manage IT costs more accurately and successfully. Guaranteed system-wide software and hardware compatibility can simplify decisions about future directions for your organization.

Lower maintenance costs through standardization: Systems built on strong security standards require less maintenance. You can automate update management using Software Update Services and Microsoft Windows Update Services. In addition, you can configure automatic updating to require review and approval before installation.

Opportunity to focus on core tasks: Allow your internal IT staff to focus on productive projects rather than ongoing maintenance and support. As technology grows more complex, specialized knowledge becomes more important and the cost of maintaining in-house IT staff grows. Through comprehensive managed services, your organization can benefit from ObjectWin Consulting technical specializations at a lower cost than you would pay to maintain the same level of expertise in-house.

Improved Security and Stability

Reduced employee access to unauthorized and unproductive applications: System security and minimal loss of work time are essential to employee productivity. Comprehensive managed services can reduce system vulnerabilities through increased security and continuous remote maintenance. Additionally, sensitive materials are less likely to fall into the wrong hands.

Enhanced IT security through critical update management: Automated update management can greatly simplify system maintenance by making it much easier to apply critical security fixes quickly and consistently, thereby minimizing the risk of virus attacks and other security breaches.

Improved security reduces the possibility of loss: Information is many organizations’ most valuable asset. Enhanced security technology, an effective security design, and proper monitoring and maintenance can reduce the risks of loss of assets, possible fines, and litigation associated with the failure to comply with information protection laws.

Reduced probability of improper configuration: Standardization and routine maintenance helps to ensure reliability and consistency throughout an organization. This can enable improved problem identification and resolution, enhance employee productivity, and lower employee stress.

Enhanced security through technology: By installing the latest security technologies, you can take advantage of newer and more efficient IT system components.

Streamline Operations with Integrated Solutions

Companies interested in streamlining their operations with integrated solutions can employ comprehensive managed services to resolve their IT challenges. Managed services helps resolve business and IT challenges with updated and standardized technologies and support and enables their IT staff to focus on strategic projects, all at a predictable and monthly fixed fee.