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ObjectWin moves its Bay Area office to Pleasanton, CA

ObjectWin moves its Bay Area office to Pleasanton, CA

Houston, TX- June, 2007-ObjectWin Technology, Inc., the leading provider in business consulting, design and development, and integrated solutions for business transformation, has relocated from their Bay Area office to Pleasanton, CA. This decision was appropriate in agreement with a cost-effective and business-friendly environment in Pleasanton.

“By relocating to the new office, we gain more space, material and talented people who join us in the opportunity to increase our production capacity,” spoke Shawn Karande, founder and CEO of ObjectWin Technology, Inc. He elaborated by saying, “We are extremely excited to be in this new community and hope to prosper our business further by deepening the relationships with our customers.”

  • Posted by indiaobjectwin
  • On May 30, 2018